Friday, November 25, 2005


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Sunday, May 15, 2005

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Why black and white photography???

"Dodging and burning are steps to take care of mistakes God made in establishing tonal relationships."
-Ansel Adams

People often ask me, why I do black and white photography. They think its a waste of time. That digital is better. It is hard for me to explain to someone who has never been in a dark room exactly why I love black and white photography. There is something about creating this image that appeals to me. I love waiting in my basement, with my music blairing, watching in red light the image emerge in the developer basin. I then love the feeling when I finally get the picture in the fixer and can turn on the lights and see clearly what I have made. Sometimes it makes me so happy i do a little jig or something. I love the ablitly of taking a roll of film during the day then coming home at night and developing it. I love staying up till three or four in the morning trying to perfect some of pictures. I love dodging. I love burning. I love the tick of the clock for my enlarger.

Computers are a neccesary step in digital photography. I don't hate using them, why then would I be writing this on a computer. Sitting on my butt at a computer is just not as satisfying as standing in my basement flooded in red light. I use computers all the time for papers and school projects. The dark room is an out of the ordinary experience. It is an escape from my normal life.

Color is all fine and good, but to me there is something to looking at a picture in black and white. Photography is an art not a copy of reality. By putting things in black and white I have the power to control the contrast of the situation. Either when I take the picture using a filter, or later on when I devolop the picture using dodging and burning or contrast filters. This allows me to create something different than reality it allows me to create the image I want and make it look how I feel it should look. It gives me the power of control.

There is also a pleasant feeling of uncertainty involved. With digital you know what the picture is going to look like. You see it there on the little screen in the back of the camera. With black and white, I don't know what exactly I am getting until I have printed the image. Sometimes I get lucky with a beautiful image. Other times something unexpected comes up.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

An photo essay on the walls

I would like to give a brief explanation as to the walls visible in a lot of my pictures. These walls were built by the FMLN along with a nice road, so that the extremely rich would live there. The FMLN in case you don't know who they are, are a political party in El Salvadore who are against United States involvement in any manner in their country. For the most part like any political organization they are trying to persuade(brainwash) the people of El Salvadore into voting for them because they will help the country by getting rid of Americans there. This in fact would not help at all. The United States citizens that are in El Salvadore either own a house there or are aid workers just trying to help the country. Getting rid of them would do no good.
Back to these walls. The walls are built to seperate this rich compound from the immense poverty. I along with my dad was able to get a tour of this compound. It was astonishing seeing the wealth and luxury of these people. Olympic size swimming pools, satelite dishes, expensive cars, well kept shining green grass, guards, and guest houses were all over this compound.
As we leave the compound and continue down the road, we see people building their houses up against this wall. Here is a picture my dad took of one new house built against the wall.

Both the kids were very proud to have their new house. There were twenty or thirty more similar to this some worse some better all around the length of this wall.
The fact that the people who live in this compound could see this poverty every morning right at their doorstep and just drive home in their mercedes is simply astounding to me.
These walls are terrible for the community in my opinion. This seperation between rich and poor is harmful to the community and could cause an uproar of the poor. This country has already had civil wars in the past and has no need for another one.

Monday, May 02, 2005

At my grandmothers house

boston pictures

Sunday, May 01, 2005

2nd set of el salvadore pictures

some more black and white pictures from my trip to el salvadore
more color pictures soon

more pictures i found at home